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Advance IT Conference

Next year, I will co-organize a conference about IT management. It will take place at the Slovenian city of Piran, right at the mediterranean coast:

This conference will be most interesting for managers of software companies and IT departments. We want to provide an all-inclusive service: The ticket price includes airport transfer, the hotel room, food and drinks, evening events and more. And we will deliberately keep the conference small, so you'll have a real chance to network and get to know the speakers and participants.

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And please help us spread the word: Tell your friends, colleagues, customers, ... about the conference. Re-Tweet this blog post and the conference page. Thanks in advance, we really appreciate it!

My name is David Tanzer and I have been working as an independent software consultant since 2006. I help my clients to develop software right and to develop the right software by providing training, coaching and consultanting for teams and individuals.

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